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Welcome to my web site! Many years of work have been put into the research and documentation of these ancestors. I hope you will benefit from the information I present here.
I am currently focusing on finding and correcting errors that exist in this and all genealogies. Errors that exist due to typos, auto-completion software, copy errors, cultural errors, historical self-serving errors, and many more.
As you can tell by my home page I doubt the possibilty. Even the best historical records are based on opinion. Waiting for DNA advancements.


The 500 Years
Oh, kingdom do not despair,
There will be a rightful heir.
He won't be in the stable,
At the horse groomers table,
Not borne by unfaithful Queens,
For whom the knights are keen,
Not in the vale out yonder,
Although the king did wander.
The heir is in a valley,
Within the maid he tallied,
Amongst his conquests everywhere,
For sure, they will be somewhere.
The only way you can say,
Is await the DNA,
In 500 years.

In 500 Years.
You search your family tree,
To see who your kin will be.
You hunt through the library,
The graveyards, and in every,
Database, history book,
Attic and family nook.
Finding genealogies,
In Bibles, and diaries,
Churches, scrolls, city halls,
Monuments, and inside walls,
Linking them to King Tut,
Emporors, kings, and queens but,
The only way you can say,
Is await the DNA,
Of 500 Years.

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